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We have the means to develop enduring societies in a thriving living world that will support us indefinitely.

To do so we need to relate with each other through respect,  or love, and we need to resume our place within the living world. We need to discard out-dated ideas that are serving us poorly, and we need to recognise the difficult situation we have created for ourselves.  We need to function in a way that nurtures us and the living world around us, together. We already have much of the knowledge we need to do these things, we just need to start doing them.


I bring head and heart to my writing. From a 40-year career in science I have learnt critical analysis, leading to insight. From a period of personal development my self-awareness has grown. I see loving relationships as paramount. With awareness we can learn to manage our fear and keep it from running us, and blocking love. With critical analysis we can pull apart the many stories we live by, so we can discard the ones that are failing us and keep the ones that serve us well.

This site collects my articles, essays and books on these themes. The site was reconfigured early in 2016 to feature essays and longer articles, and to highlight books. Blog posts and short articles, which have become less frequent, will continue under the Blog menu tab.

A major theme is the possibility of economies that nurture life rather than destroying it. I am a scientist who has been exploring economics for nearly two decades. A new paradigm of economics is developing which will displace most of the current mainstream economic paradigm. It can be explained in plain English. It can support all those innovative and loving people who are already shifting the way they live on this miraculous planet.

Other themes are the need for more respectful and responsive politics, for collectively owned media that serve us instead of peddling the self-interest of the excessively rich, the need to re-empower local communities, the need for much more comprehensive democracy and more effective governance systems, and the need to restrain and guide new technologies that have enormous destructive potential.

Australia is in a state of dissension. Fear, racism and xenophobia have been fanned and exploited by many politicians and media. Yet there are signs that the extremists have gone too far, and Australians’ sense of a fair go is being reasserted. The need to reach an accommodation with indigenous Australians that respects them and honours their astounding history and cultures is becoming more widely recognised.  The potential is emerging for White and Black Australians to learn from and take pride in each other. The old symbols of empire and racism need to be replaced.

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