The geoffdavies.com site has been discontinued.

Some of the content will be added here as I get around to it.  Better Nature is now my prime site.


Defaults to the About of this site.


Information, reviews, comments, extracts.


Commentaries from 2002 and earlier.


Link to confirm my Visitor status at the Research School of Earth Science.  Some other information there is now rather dated.


4 thoughts on “‘geoffdavies.com’

  1. Peter Smith

    Hi Jeff. Your “Sack the Economists” message chimes with me very much. So much so that I’ve set up a facebook group to action it, called “Campaign to Sack the Economists” https://www.facebook.com/groups/187399368131762/
    Please join if you are on facebook. Also, please promote it among your contacts and put them in touch with me. I’d like to help formulate and execute a direct action strategy that puts real pressure on academic economists. Perhaps there are groups already in existence who are doing this that you are aware of. If so, please let me know about them.


  2. Geoff Davies Post author

    You can get free Kindle-reading software from Amazon – an app for iPad etc. or a reader for your desktop. If that doesn’t work, get back to me.

    We have a 3-month exclusive deal with Amazon. After that it will be available in other formats and other places.



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