BetterNature Books

Books are organised under the new BetterNature publishing label and the Seventh Generation series. New numbers will be published in the first instance as eBooks. Other series with other themes may emerge in the fulness of time.

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Seventh Generation series

The Great Council of the Six Nations of the Iroquois reputedly included one member whose role was to speak for the seventh generation unborn.

5. Desperately Seeking the Fair Go (BetterNature Book, July 2017) – out now.

4. The Rise and Failure of the Radical Right (BetterNature Short Book, May 2017) – out now.

3. Sack the Economists (BWM Books, 2013). eBook or print-on-demand. Follow link to website.

2. The Nature of the Beast – yet-to-be-published eBook, for now a free download.

1. Economia (ABC Books, 2004) –  out of print, now here as a free pdf

eBook Readers

Free Kindle reader apps that run on almost any computer or mobile device can be downloaded here. A physical Kindle Reader can be bought in many computer stores or from the Amazon web site. I may make books available on sites other than Amazon in due course, but they are much the biggest so I’m starting there.

Why eBooks?

The publication industry has reached the state where eBook numbers are comparable to paper books, and self-published books are comparable to publishers’ lists. David Gaughran (was it the English who came up with the crazy spelling of Irish names?) has a blog and two books explaining what’s happening, how to self-publish, why it’s a good idea, and how I can promote without leaving my darkened keyboard.

Given the declining state of the print industry, that what I write fits no categories and, worse, that I’m out of my acknowledged field of expertise, it has been rather difficult to attract a publisher. It is now possible to by-pass the gate-keepers and go straight to my audience. We’ll see how much traction I get, but I think I’ll have a better chance and at least I can be doing something and testing the merits of my efforts where it counts – with you, the reader.

There is some anguish and debate about the big digital change, and Gaughran covers the concerns pretty well if you’re interested. Yes I like paper too, and paper books won’t vanish, but I’m persuaded digital can lead the way – paper may become an adjunct. I don’t like giant global corporations, but I’m persuaded Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing offers a pretty level playing field without much weird corporate tweaking. And at least the digital form doesn’t require warehouses full of exploited labour.

Old thoughts on other possible books

Our Place – past attempt, now on back burner


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