Desperately Seeking the Fair Go

The best of Oz past, the smartest of Oz present, an enduring Oz future

Most Australians want a more stable and cooperative society, stronger communities and families, more equal distribution of wealth and better care of the environment. However free-market ideologists have badgered and deceived us into selfishness, fear and mediocrity.

We Australians have shown, over our short history, we can be innovative, resilient, bold, generous and welcoming. We have abundant skills and resources. We have clean technologies and techniques. We are creative. We can harness the economy so it delivers a fair go for everyone, without trashing the land and planet.

We can live well and generously in this ancient, fragile land.

This is an immensely positive book … a potential ignition point for the revolution we must have if our descendants are to survive the twenty first century” – Emeritus Prof Bob Douglas, AO


eBook now available on Amazon.

A paperback may be available in due course.

Sample: Read Chapter 1

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First Dog on the Moon is also seeking (use link to see original) …




3 thoughts on “Desperately Seeking the Fair Go

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