Desperately Seeking the Fair Go

We know how to make Australia a better place, and it’s not that hard

Paperback now available at DymocksBooktopia and other dealers; Book Depository (UK but ships to Oz).

Once, Australia was a world leader, resilient, bold, socially progressive.

We set about giving everyone a fair go – the vote for women, a living wage, support for battlers. Governments worked for us, built things and made our lives better. Then we dropped the ball. We thought like colonials. We cringed.

Lately we have descended to farce.

Our politics is corrupt and broken. We are divided and fearful. Our economy stumbles along, hollowed out and enriching the rich. Governments abdicate their job and attack the battlers.

None of this has to be. We know how to live well without squabbling and without ruining the land and the planet.

But don’t look to the political mainstream for the answers.

This is an immensely positive book … a potential ignition point for the revolution we must have if our descendants are to survive the twenty first century” – Emeritus Prof Bob Douglas, AO

eBook available on Amazon.

Retailers see here.

Sample: Read Chapter 1

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First Dog on the Moon is also seeking (use link to see original) …



5 thoughts on “Desperately Seeking the Fair Go

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