Desperately Seeking the Fair Go

How to reclaim the best of Oz past – for the best Oz future

desperatelysmTrump and Brexit signal the end-game of the era of “free” markets. More than ever we need a clear vision for a fair-go society.

We Australians have shown, over our short history, we can be innovative, resilient, bold, generous and welcoming. But the free-market ideology has deceived and badgered us into selfishness, fear and mediocrity.

We have abundant skills and resources. We are creative. We can harness the economy so it delivers a fair go for everyone, without trashing the land and planet.

We can live well and generously in this ancient, fragile land.

Manuscript file available here

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First Dog on the Moon is also seeking (use link to see original) …


Thanks First Dog on the Moon. Courtesy Guardian News & Media Ltd.

This is a third draft that started as To Parliament With Love.


  1. Parking Lots and Paradise 4
  2. A Nation Half-Formed 12
  3. The Reign of the Radical Right 28
  4. The Failing Neoliberal Experiment 40
  5. Collateral Damage: Society, Land, Planet 49
  6. Back to Basics 59
  7. A Healthy Society 67
  8. Reclaiming Our Conversation 74
  9. Markets: Taming the Wild Horses 85
  10. Finance: Corralling the Feral Extractors 96
  11. Banks: Seeing Behind the Curtain 103
  12. Not Back to the Caves: Smart Ideas, Proven Practices 112
  13. An Economy to Support Society 124
  14. Not Wrecking Our Home: Working With the Land 135
  15. Sovereignty 143
  16. The Strength to Offer Hope 155
  17. Retrieving the Fair Go 161

Sample: Read Chapter 1

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